Career Profile

I'm an allround developer and entrepreneur with a focus on building web and mobile products. I've worked as a developer, scrum master, scrum product owner, team manager and have extensive experience with agile development practices.

My current focus is as a full-stack JavaScript developer for both web and mobile products.

Work experience

Freelance Web & Mobile Developer

2015 - Present

Worked on projects large and small using JS, Meteor, Mongo, ElasticSearch, Fabric.js, PHP, MySQL and many more technologies. I've also consulted on dev quality improvements like unit/integration/gui testing and continuous delivery.

Co-Founder and Developer

2016 - 2020 & /me我斜杠 (

Co-founded and developed a platform to support purpose driven, self-managed ways of working. Grew to a team of around 15, but we didn't reach our business goals. Product is built using Meteor for the web and a React Native mobile app which connects over DDP to a Meteor backend.

Keywords: Meteor, React, React Native, DevOps, Holacracy

Software Engineer & Team Manager

2012 - 2015

Continued work on the market research platform of Daphne C.M., but also moved into a team manager role with around 10 developers part of my team. We started a rewrite of the platform in modern JavaScript using Meteor.

Keywords: Meteor, ElasticSearch, PHP

Software Developer

2003 - 2012
Daphne C.M. / GfK Daphne

Worked on a large scale market research platform which collected data from millions of people and reports to thousands of clients. Team grew from 2 to 8 developers, during which I moved to a more senior role, guiding and assisting the new developers.

Keywords: PHP, MySQL, Scrum Master, TDD, Selenium

Software Developer


Worked on various client projects using PHP and MySQL


Mimir Academy - An e-learning platform with a focus on simplicity, to help small business owners get their courses online.

2020 - Tech: Meteor & React

Bapps - A mobile application and protocol to interact with Bitcoin SV data protocols.

2019 - Tech: React Native & Meteor

Scriptmeister - Created the initial version of a platform for filmmakers to assist with the video production process, now called FilmQi.

2017 - Tech: Meteor & React

Profielpas - An identity and tracking platform for the construction sector, with end to end encryption for all personal data.

2015 - Tech: Meteor, Blaze & Cordova

Mobile Potato - A native Android application as a companion to CouchPotato with which you could add movies straight from the IMDb app.

2011 - Tech: Java - A video sharing platform focused on the dance community, built from scratch with PHP

2010 - Tech: PHP, MySQL, ffmpeg

Skills & Proficiency

JavaScript / ES6+




React Native